random thoughts

I’m a firm believer in kindness. There are a million ways to disagree with someone that don’t require you do be an asshole. Find one. Yoga and sunsets are good for the soul. Common courtesy is a lost art and therapy heals if you’re willing to do the work. No is a complete sentence and [...]


Grief is tricky bastard. It comes in furious waves that threaten to drown you in moments of unimaginable sorrow and pain before it quietly rolls back, giving you a chance to breathe once again. The sharp inhale as you catch your breath serves as a reminder that one day the waves will gently roll by [...]

Love well

One of the most important lessons I ever learned from my dad was to love people well. You love big, you love hard and you make sure your people know how loved they are. He did that well. We grew up in a home where saying I love you was said throughout the day and [...]


Making the decision to stop drinking was, surprisingly, an easy one to make. Surprising for a handful of reasons like the fact I’d considered how giving up drinking may actually be a good thing more times than I can count or how I rationalized that not drinking anymore would mean giving up having fun, especially [...]

The Voice

My inner voice hasn't always been good to me. You know, the one that shows up in your head to reinforce all of your insecurities, doubts and fears? Yeah. That one. It's such a bitch. For as long as I can remember I've given that voice a seat at the head of the table to [...]


One of my biggest fears when I got divorced was what it would do to my relationship with my kids. I felt like I was in constant competition with their dad who had all the money he needed while my best friend was literally taking me to the grocery store to buy food and my rent [...]

Five Years

I have a hard time giving myself credit. I mean, logically I know I've done some pretty big things but it's so hard for me to pause and give myself credit for how far I've come. I don't know if this is because I know there is still work to do and I haven't gotten [...]