Hi, I’m Tiffany. 

I haven’t gone to the bathroom alone in 13.5 years and I like to cook delicious, homemade meals so my kids always have something to complain about. 

I’ve known my entire life that I wanted to be a mom and a famous singer. Unfortunately, my music career peaked in fourth grade when I was chosen to sing a duet in the Christmas program, but I did go on to become a mom of three which has most likely been more fulfilling than any music career would have been. 

My kids are forever the very best pieces of me. Cooking is my love language and yoga is my safe place. Writing soothes my soul and sunsets bring it joy. I’m a firm believer that life is best spent surrounded by the people you love the most. Humor and grace have saved me.

I’ve broken countless promises to myself. Insecurity has won the battle too many times. I’ve doubted myself and I’ve fallen down (both literally and figuratively). I’ve fallen apart & finally given it all to God because there was nothing more I could do.

I’ve been my own biggest champion and I’ve loved myself through some of my darkest days. I’ve pushed myself harder than I ever knew possible. I have fought for a better life for my kids and myself.

My hope for this blog is that you will find a home that empowers, inspires and encourages you through humor, compassion and grace.