The Fam

Sh#& My Punks Say

About a month ago POPSUGAR Moms posted a question on Facebook asking parents about some of the funny things their kids have said in regards to their private parts. Read more →

Road Trippin’

If you’ve never traveled long distance by car with punks, you really have no idea what you’re missing and should consider yourself extremely fortunate. For reasons I will never fully understand, the hubs thinks this is the best way to travel despite numerous family vacays that leave him on the verge of going completely batshit crazy. Read more →


I’d love to tell you we’re a normal family but that’d be a lie and I’m teaching the punks that lying is wrong and I don’t want to be a bad example should one of them ever check out my blog. I’ve lost enough credit over the years where they’re concerned. Read more →

It’s Your Own Little World…

Cortland. If this punk would have been the first born he absolutely would have been an only child. He earned himself the nickname “Crack Baby” when he was about a year old because this punk is absolutely fearless, crazy and just plain weird. We can’t trust him for shit as he continues, time and time again, to make horrible choices that usually result in him getting hurt or me needing a drink. Read more →