An Open Letter to the Entire Male Species Attempting to Meet/Hook-up/Date Women in 2015


I gather it’s been a long time since I’ve been in the dating pool and things have changed drastically in that time frame. I mean, the last time I was actually “dating” I didn’t have punks, cell phones weren’t the norm, social media was non-existent, and guys actually took girls on dates (you know, like out to dinner or to a movie?). But seriously. What in the what has happened since then, guys? Read more →

Playing Favorites – Younique 3D Mascara

I have a confession to make. I am completely jealous of my six year old son’s eyelashes. They’re long, thick, and beautiful and I know when he’s about 17 45 they’ll reel the women in. Read more →

Back for More

As most of you already know, I spent my birthday weekend in West Palm Beach, FL. Originally, the hubs and I had planned to go to Vegas but Read more →

Sh#& My Punks Say

About a month ago POPSUGAR Moms posted a question on Facebook asking parents about some of the funny things their kids have said in regards to their private parts. Read more →

First Aid Kit – Stay Gold

I found this gem last week and I’ve been listening to it pretty much every day since. I’m a total sucker for folk rock and these two sisters do an exceptional job. Read more →

HMF at the Breakers Hotel

Last weekend the hubs took me to West Palm Beach to celebrate my 27th birthday, which I highly recommend, regardless of whether or not you are actually celebrating a birthday. Last weekend just so happens to be when I began trying to convince him we need to move to Florida immediately (and although I’ve gotten absolutely nowhere with my persuasions I have yet to give up). Read more →

Playing Favorites

I’m currently in love-love-love with the Dermalogica skin care product line. I’ve tried so many different products attempting to find something that doesn’t leave my face feeling either like I’ve rubbed pizza grease all over it or dried out like a raisin, which has been self-induced torture. Read more →

Summer Brew

My girlfriends and I like to get together and hangout for “decktime” which consists of sitting on the deck, drinking cocktails and engaging in inappropriate conversation. It’s our stay at home version of going out so when we don’t feel like wearing makeup and doing our hair we don’t have to, but we still get to have fun together. Read more →

Summer Reading List: The Unidentified Redhead

Okay fellow book junkies, I’ve found a series that you need to read. In her first book, The Unidentified Redhead, Alice Clayton hooked me in the first chapter with a fun, realistic friendship between Grace and Holly, that consists of a lot of sarcasm between the two, a language I am fluent.  Read more →

Road Trippin’

If you’ve never traveled long distance by car with punks, you really have no idea what you’re missing and should consider yourself extremely fortunate. For reasons I will never fully understand, the hubs thinks this is the best way to travel despite numerous family vacays that leave him on the verge of going completely batshit crazy. Read more →