Q&A // LOCATION? Right in the middle of America. Wichita, Kansas.  OBSESSIONS? My punks, kindness, sunsets, solid friendships, wine, laughing, cooking, Chrissy Teigen, sarcasm, Instagram, good conversations, music, writing, and yoga. Sometimes all together, although not necessarily in that order.  FASHION OBSESSIONS? The day I can’t pull off a romper anymore is going to be a very sad day, indeed.  FAVORITE VACATION SPOT?   Anna Maria Island, Florida. Give me the white beaches & allllll the sunsets.  FAVORITE PLACE TO SHOP? The Shop Forward. Shop + Pay it Forward.   FAVORITE SONG?  Bad at Love by Halsey.  GUILTY PLEASURES? Cheesecake, Mexican food, coffee, shopping, brunch, manicures,  pretty much everything on Bravo, Channel Chance perfume, Netflix, going to bed early, sunflower seeds & hot McDonald’s french fries.