Summer Reading List: The Unidentified Redhead

Okay fellow book junkies, I’ve found a series that you need to read. In her first book, The Unidentified Redhead, Alice Clayton hooked me in the first chapter with a fun, realistic friendship between Grace and Holly, that consists of a lot of sarcasm between the two, a language I am fluent. 

Centered around life in LA (Holly building her new management company, Grace an actor trying to find a steady job), their friendship and a 24 year old, hot, up and coming actor, Jack, who manages to knock Grace off her 33 year old ass, this book is funny, smart and entertaining. You don’t have to wait long get to the chemistry between Grace and Jack which had me rooting for the relationship from the beginning. I do have to admit that the sex got redundant and I found myself skipping through a lot of it (Seriously? Again?) but the story line was good enough I still loved the books.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to date Ryan Gosling this series will give you a good idea of how challenging it would be (which makes zero because, Ryan Gosling, duh).  Anyhow, you definitely need to add the three books in this series to your summer reading lists because I have no doubt you’ll be entertained, and possibly looking for your own young, hot actor to date.

The Unidentified Redhead

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