Summer Brew

My girlfriends and I like to get together and hangout for “decktime” which consists of sitting on the deck, drinking cocktails and engaging in inappropriate conversation. It’s our stay at home version of going out so when we don’t feel like wearing makeup and doing our hair we don’t have to, but we still get to have fun together. These are also the times filters come in handy so we can document our fun and hide the fact we look like crap. Hello black and white photo.

Typical decktime cocktails consist of bourbon and coke (Jenn and Carrie), beer (Joley) and Red Bull vodkas (Lisa and I) however, while we were on our Griswald family vacation my friend Jami introduced me to the yummiest summer brew I’ve ever had so I kissed her and told her I loved her. Then we had maybe one glass too many and got the giggles and it was downhill from there.

You need three ingredients to make this delicious summer brew: beer, vodka and frozen limeade concentrate. That’s it. Now, if you’re Jami you don’t measure anything, you just pour in half a bottle of vodka with the rest and call it good. From experience, I can tell you a half a bottle is too much and will result in a horrible hangover the next day so please try to avoid that mistake (unless you like feeling like crap and then by all means, pour away).

Here’s the recipe:

• 6 beers (whatever you have will work)
• 1 can of frozen limeade concentrate
• 1-2 can fulls of vodka

Mix all ingredients. Drink. Repeat.

If it’s too sweet you can add more beer and vodka but you want to watch how much vodka you add or you’ll be three sheets to the wind before you finish your first glass.

Summer Brew

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