Playing Favorites

Playing Favorites

I’m currently in love-love-love with the Dermalogica skin care product line. I’ve tried so many different products attempting to find something that doesn’t leave my face feeling either like I’ve rubbed pizza grease all over it or dried out like a raisin, which has been self-induced torture. Thankfully, I have finally hit the mother load of products which leaves my face feeling clean and moisturized and I’m so happy I could cry about it. (In my defense, I’ve been feeling extra emotional lately.) Here are my current favorites.


Supersized Special Cleansing Gel: $52 (16.9 fl oz)

Active Moist Daily Moisturizer: $40 (1.7 fl oz)

Age Smart Overnight Super Serum: $63 (.05 fl oz)

Age Smart Multivitamin Power Firm: $56 (.05 fl oz)

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