HMF at the Breakers Hotel

HMF at the Breakers Hotel

Last weekend the hubs took me to West Palm Beach to celebrate my 27th birthday, which I highly recommend, regardless of whether or not you are actually celebrating a birthday. Last weekend just so happens to be when I began trying to convince him we need to move to Florida immediately (and although I’ve gotten absolutely nowhere with my persuasions I have yet to give up). Besides relaxing on the beach while enjoying cocktails and people watching, we went fishing, had some incredible food, bar hopped a little, slept late, had more cocktails and did absolutely nothing, so basically it was the best birthday weekend ever.

On Sunday night we had dinner at HMF in The Breakers Hotel which started with a cheese platter, wine (for me), beer (for him), followed by an Heirloom and Burrata Caprese salad and a Margherita Pizzette (me) and So Cal swordfish tacos (him). Clearly I have a slight obsession with tomatoes so when presented with the opportunity to eat them, I take full advantage of it, while the husbands likes trying new things, regardless if there are tomatoes included or not. After gorging myself silly on all things tomatoes and wine I couldn’t resist the Gianduja Chocolate Torte with Carmel Sea Salt Gelato which was probably one of the very best decisions in my entire life. I may have cried a little while eating it.

HMF at The Breakers Hotel

The atmosphere at HMF is incredible – the hotel is over 100 years old with architecture so beautiful and grand you probably won’t ever want to leave . They have done an incredible job of combining the historic charm of the hotel with modern touches like the glass wine display that takes up the entire wall (28,000 bottles, over 1,600 selections from 17 countries dating back to 1907), as well as an open kitchen concept. Low tables with plush chairs, original light fixtures and a hand painted ceiling mixed with bold modern touches, definitely make for an a for a Great Gatsby meets the modern day world style that I am in head over heels in love with.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to put together a PowerPoint so I can continue my quest to convince the husband we need to move STAT. Where are your favorite places to eat in West Palm Beach?

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