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As most of you already know, I spent my birthday weekend in West Palm Beach, FL. Originally, the hubs and I had planned to go to Vegas but we decided we’d live a little and try something new. That turned out to be a fabulous idea since WPB is about six million times more laid back than Vegas and apparently, sitting on a beach, drinking a cocktail, is a pretty damn good way to spend three days. Who knew?

To clarify, we didn’t  just sit on the beach, drinking for three days (although I would not have had a problem with that. Sunset margarita with black lava salt? I’ll have another, please). We walked on the beach, swam in the ocean, went out to dinner, slept, and even found time to go deep sea fishing. I’m not really that into to fishing – I enjoy it but it’s not something I sit around thinking about doing – but I figured if nothing else, I could work on my tan while Zach fished. So really, my biggest concern was getting sea sick and being in the middle of nowhere.

Zach has spent a lot of time in the area and has fished with the same guide for about eight years so he had a plan for us, rather than just renting a boat and taking me to the middle of the ocean (which was smart on his part because that would have been immediately vetoed). I wanted to catch mahi mahi since it’s my very favorite fish to eat so Gavet at Back for More Fishing Charters made that his priority (I’m a fan of anyone who takes my requests seriously). We spent about an hour catching snook before we headed out for mahi mahi. Once we found them (they were waving a little flag, yelling, “Over here”) it was incredible, especially given the fact the five boats around us didn’t catch a single one. We caught no less than 20 of them, and we brought about six of them home. (In case you were unaware, you can bring your fresh fish on the plane. Awesome.)

If you are ever in the Ft. Lauderdale/Miami/West Palm Beach (you’ll have about an hour drive from here) area, you have to try this. Not only was it beautiful, (hello, 300lb sea turtle swimming by), we also never saw Jaws, and it was more fun than I expected. Not to mention all the fish we’ve  had since we’ve gotten home (I’m like a modern day pioneer woman, feeding the family off our catch.)

If you want to try deep sea fishing don’t call one of the big charter boats (seriously, they weren’t catching anything and the people on them looked horribly bored. If you do go with the big companies just make sure you take your camera and cocktails so you can enjoy your scenic tour of the ocean.). If your idea of fishing is to actually catch fish, call Gavet and catch fish. You can find him at and on Instagram at backformorefishingscharters

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