Welcome to The Fun Ruiner, where raising punks intersects with the rest of my life when I’m not hiding in a closet, drinking a cocktail.

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Free Birth Control

Reading Suggestions

Based on literary works of art (aka sexy books).

Great Musical Opinions

Debatable. There was a time in my life when I loved NKOTB…hard. 

Embarrassing Stories

Which sadly are true. 


I’m mom to a 5-year-old who, when in the car with a cop in view, yells “5-0. BEER LOW!”


Because, food.

Mind-blowing parenting tips

Flipping the bird behind your punks’ backs is an excellent stress reliever.

Guilty Pleasure

Naughty girl talk.

Seriously, it’s fine:

…to hit snooze just onemoretime before you finally get out of bed

…if you have to hide your giggle when your punk says something completely inappropriate because sometimes it really is funny

…to buy the shoes

…if you aren’t one of those mom’s who can embrace a house full of chaos (seriously, can’t you punks just play a board game instead of running through here?)

…if you didn’t watch one single World Cup game

Upcoming Book Excerpts

Scarlett is instantly upset since I am crying like a lunatic and her tears mimic my own. I drop to the floor and pull her onto my lap, burying my face in her wet, blond hair. I hear Ashley quietly tell Roscoe they need to get him changed into dry clothes but Scarlett and I don’t bother looking up, instead we stay wrapped up in each other’s arms until we’re both finally out of tears and we’ve heard the entire Stone Roses album.