Welcome to The Fun Ruiner, where raising punks intersects with the rest of my life when I’m not hiding in a closet, drinking a cocktail.

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Free Birth Control

Reading Suggestions

Based on literary works of art (aka sexy books).

Great Musical Opinions

Debatable. There was a time in my life when I loved NKOTB…hard. 

Embarrassing Stories

Which sadly are true. 


I’m mom to a 5-year-old who, when in the car with a cop in view, yells “5-0. BEER LOW!”


Because, food.

Mind-blowing parenting tips

Flipping the bird behind your punks’ backs is an excellent stress reliever.

Guilty Pleasure

Naughty girl talk.

Seriously, it’s fine:

...if you're the girl who always shows up overdressed.

...to just "do you", girl.

...to spend a Friday night at home, alone, catching up on your DVR'd shows.

...if your definition of a solid Sunday consists of your girlfriends, a patio and brunch. Because brunch.

...to just say no. You don't owe anyone an explanation.

Upcoming Book Excerpts

It’s around 5am when I wake up on the couch, tangled up in kids. I try to talk myself into going back to sleep but after 20 minutes I give up and carefully peel the kids off of me so I can make some coffee and enjoy the silence. I usually hate getting up early in the mornings but there are days when the silence is exactly what my soul needs. I start the coffee and grab my phone to check if Jude bothered to text me to let me know he was alive, which of course, he did not. Dickhead. I do have a text from my girlfriend Jenn about our upcoming birthdays (35, ugh.) and making plans for a girl’s night out.

Hey bitch. 35. GNO.
FML. 35 no. GNO yes.